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Thread: Pencil Poppers ?

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    Default Pencil Poppers ?

    Went to Mazatlan in January, brought a pole and pencil poppers for surf fishing.............Did not catch jack (nobody was). ........Now I got these poppers that cast a mile and are fun to crank across the top of the water.

    Anybody ever try these for silvers in saltwater from the beach or from a boat ?

    Or use them for anything in saltwater in Alaska ?

    They would probably be great for pike in freshwater, but I don't usually fish for pike .....................

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    I've only had silvers show an interest in the ones with rounded noses. But that was a look and departure. The flat nose are just too noisy, I guess.


    When you can get a school of black rockfish lifted up to the surface, they go wild for them. Kinda like largemouth bass, but lots more explosive and lots more of them. I swear a 5-pound rockfish can cut a 5 foot hole in the surface when it hits!

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    Silvers can be had on popper flies, so can pinks...

    And there are pike
    I choose to fly fish, not because its easy, but because its hard.


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