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Thread: Win. 670 ????

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    Default Win. 670 ????

    Just picked up a Win. 670 270 and am in the process of finding a replacement stock for it. Now the question/problem I am trying to figure out is that this model/gun has the "slide" saftey instead of the 3 position. Anyone ever seen or heard of a replacement stock for this rifle. Thanks in advance.

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    You'll have to use a post-64 Model 70 stock and make the cut for the safety. Nice if its done on a mill, more precise and a cleaner cut than a dremel.
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    Check with Numrich Gun parts Corp.

    I believe they have stocks for the Winchester 670

    Their website is difficult, but you can get their phone number and call them. OR, send'em an email.

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    You will need a stock with blind magazine. I have a 670 with the slide safety and was looking a while back and I think that Brownells had one brand of synthetic stock for 670. Williams makes a trigger guard if you are looking to upgrade that.

    Let us know what you find, I would like to get a new stock for mine too! That factory birch stock is nothing to write home about and mine is very scratched and marred up.


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