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    I forgot to tell you! I was successful in my quest to kill a deer with a 45acp. I ended up using a Sig 220. I killed a big whitetail doe and made a heck of a shot doing so.....that is if 10 yards as in 30 feet stand dead still broadside is a heck of a shot! Coulda hit her over the head with a club!

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    Talking Harvest

    Sounds like you picked a sporting way to take a whitetail doe. Sometimes the hunt is its own reward. The work starts when the hammer drops. Good shootin'.

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    What bullet did you use? I shot several with 45 ACP in the late 70's and early 80's and wasn't happy with any of the bullets available then. The old 185gr Remington HP did the best job, but it seemed more due to its flatter nose. There was no expansion that I could tell.

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    Winchester factory 230 gr HP. It pretty much just poked a hole through her. I don't how any bullet is gonna expand much at < 1000fps. However a 45 cal hole through both lungs renders em dead as heck none the less. On a good note she ran a 100 yrds closer to the truck before she went belly up!

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    Sounds like what I experienced. I had the best luck with very flatnosed bullets below 1000 fps. 45LC and 44 Spec with a big meplat at standard velocities killed a whole lot quicker than any 45 ACP load until I loaded the ACP in a revolver with a fn bullet. Then there was no distinction between the three rounds as far as I could see. All animals either dropped on the spot or walked three or four steps before doing so, even though the loads were all less than 800 fps. Goes to show the performance price of bullets that have to feed out of a mag.

    Sorry to deflect your point, but had to do it since you're the first person I've heard of that shot a deer with current loads.


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    Default Keith type bullets ...

    I have small enough hands that I have trouble with stovepipe jams, failure to feed, etc. with the big autos...I ended up going to a 1917 Colt and using .45 Auto Rim cases. The AR cases let me use a standard crimp, and a much larger variety of bullets that have problems in autos.
    One of my favorite loads for that gun was a 250 gr. Keith type ahead of 'around' 7 gr. of Unique with a heavy crimp.
    Dang! I need another .45 revolver!!!


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