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Thread: AVIATION TRADE SHOW MAY-1-2 Fed-Ex hanger

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    Default AVIATION TRADE SHOW MAY-1-2 Fed-Ex hanger

    Just a reminder, this next weekend is the aviation trade show at the Fed Ex hanger in Anchorage.

    My wife and I will be at table 167.. I think....Our friend and IA Joe Benello will be sharing space with us and showing some of his stuff as well.

    Anyone else plan on going?

    I missed last year since I had CAP things to do,,,, after I paid the table fee... I told the CAP they can get along without me this summer.
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    I will be there! I won't be hard to miss....just look for the guy with a large roll of paper towels periodicaly wiping the druel off his chin

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    When does it start and get over? I work both days but may be able to swing by afterwards.


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