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Thread: A thank you for this site

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    Default A thank you for this site

    Just wanted to throw out a thank you to David Johnson and the moderators for this website. Too often, the only time they hear from me is when I want to complain about something, and not often enough do I thank them all for what I think is the very best hunting and fishing forum on the internet, with a good solid well-rounded group of folks with varying points of view.

    I don't always agree with others on issues we discuss here, but I have come to find a great deal of respect for those I don't always agree with. Rational, reasonable discourse is rare, from all I have found, on internet forums. By imposing certain rules here, it allows more of this type of discourse, and I appreciate that. It seems that pretty much all topics are open for discussion on the various boards here if we keep it respectful. I get cabin fever too...happens to the best of us, and I lose it at times too. For those who want the forum to be ''better,'' I suggest you attempt to make it so by provoking the type of dialogue or debate that interests you.

    Again, kudos to David and the mods for giving us all the opportunity to get together here and discuss things.

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    Default Well said

    Well said Mark. I enjoy this forum and site and it is good to see different opinions on most subjects.

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    i've started checkin out some other forums and found alot that i really don't care for, the topic matter, edited vulgarities and over all negativity is really a downer. i find myself coming "home" time after time. This site by far stands head above any others i've found. and it has consitant posters, most other sites get postings every couple days, keeps me sane during the off season...or at least till tags results come out...suprised someone has put a post up that they are out yet. someone does every year about a week early.
    alaskas great. so's your site dave, thanks.
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    Good words Mark, I agree wholeheartedly. When I started lurking on these forums on the old site it was the members and the tremendous amount of invaluable info that got me "hooked". I extend the thanks to all the members who make these forums what they are. Many of you have helped me out immensely.

    Perry Schneider
    Fairbanks, Alaska

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    Default Thanks

    Thanks for the kind words, Mark. The community that has developed here has been a real source of pleasure for me.

    It dazzles me the breadth of experience and intelligence found in the members of these forums. And it warms my heart that so many are so willing to freely share what they know with others. I am constantly learning as I read.

    We have our problems, but they don't really't diminish the delight of this community of like-minded people gathering here.

    You're right to acknowledge the moderators. While there was a time when I was the only moderator, the reality today is that it is too much for any one person. I am very grateful for the moderator team. They really are the ones that keep this place right side up.


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    Thanks, Mark.


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    Cheers for the optimists here, who choose to focus on the good, rather than rant about the few things they have heartburn with. Thanks for a great site that provides such good information, as well as honorable men and women who love Alaska and the outdoors.

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    Thumbs up Thanks Mark

    I may not agree with everything everybody says but I agree they have a right to say it. This forum allows outdoorsmen and women a place for friendly discussion and problem resolution. KUDOS


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