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    Default new blog spot

    a friend of mine sent me this wanting to help the guy get some action started. From his first post I would think you guys here might have something to say

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    Default Thanks

    I commented on his blog although I know it will have no effect.
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    The best approach, IMHO, is to try and understand where the guy is coming from but try and let him see that he's judging many by the actions of a few. As a backpacking guide in Colorado for the Boy Scouts, it sucked to see a perfect trail at 11,000ft torn to a muddy pulp by folks who were irresponsible. Just remind him that there are other ATV/ORV/UTV users that share his love for the outdoors and sympathize but remind him that a irrational crackdown on all users for the stupidity of a few is an overreach.

    His reaction is akin to saying "Well, look at all the people who drive drunk! We should ban alcohol...... and cars too!"

    It's the same lame excuse political activists like to use when they're trying to pass some dopey feel-good piece of legislation. "Well even if it would save even one life wouldn't it be worth it?!?" NO! It would be an infringement on our liberties! Rational people make rational decisions and take rational risks and live with the consequences.

    This really is the place for organizations like Tread Lightly.

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    Default I loved the comment

    about him driving all over africa to kill the Cape Buffalo
    Most "environmentalist tend to think what they do is ok.
    Remember the comment Jane Fonda made years ago about how the public should not be allowed to own guns? This interview was conducted while she was at her private shooting range shooting skeet. When asked about her shiotgun she said "Oh I didn't mean me silly"
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