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Thread: Does Corn Kill Trout?

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    Question Does Corn Kill Trout?

    I haven't found any concrete evidence that corn kills trout. They can't digest it just like humans but I don't think it kills them. I haven't used it for a few years since I first heard that it did kill trout. let's hear what people have to say.

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    Default this might sound stupid but..

    If you were going to use corn kernels to catch trout....why WOULDNT you want to kill them??? I caught my very first trout on a piece of corn at Disneyland Hotel in the late 60's....sure tasted good!

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    Default corn and trout

    I don't mind killing them If I am going to eat them. Most of the time I just catch them and let them go to fight another day. If I knew they woudn't live I would never release them. thanks

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    why on earth would you use corn as bait, coctail shrimp is much better.
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    Default Corn

    Corn was used as a hatchery feed back in NY. Easiest way to catch hatchery raised trout used to be on corn. It won't hurt them.

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    Default corn and trout - depends on the water temp

    Trout can digest canned corn if the water temperatures are high enough. When temperatures are in the mid-40's and lower they seem to have a more difficult time digesting corn. With temps in the mid-50's and up it is easier for trout to digest corn. From the mid-40's to the mid-50's it can go either way.

    There is a rather drawn out theory why corn was is not allowed for use as fish bait in Utah and Wyoming. In Wyoming you can't use or possess corn while fishing (this is a State Statute, not a fishing regulation)!!


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    Default Corn on stockies

    Grew up in upstate NY and used to absolutely slay the local stockies on corn kernels as a kid. A single splitshot and a tiny salmon egg hook and you were in business.
    However, after many years of using this strategy, I happened upon a couple dead trout below the tailout of one of my favorite holes. Cut open the bellies of these two fish and they were chok full of corn! Don't know if this is what actually killed these two fish, but I can say that they were in perfect condition (other than being dead), and had no blemishes or marks that would lead me to believe they had been mishandled.

    From that moment on, I have been under the impression that trout can't digest corn, and when they eat a bunch it does them in.

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    Default Balls of Fire

    I've wondered how the Pautzki's (sp?) processed eggs are for the well-being of stocked fish. I've opened up many trout over the years and found them to be full of processed eggs.

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    Default The death of a corn-eating trout

    My understanding is that stocked trout are sort of doomed to die anyway. Don't a very small percentage of stocked trout live through the year anyway to become famous "holdover" trout, at least in warmer lakes in the summer? That's been my experience anyway, they are either caught or die. I could be really wrong about this, but that's what I have witnessed. If that's true, I wouldn't worry about one kernel of corn being possibley swallowed by the thing. I would think the hook would be much more likely to kill the fish than one kernel of corn. (assuming you are not chumming them with a can of corn). A trout dumb enough to eat corn deserves to die anyway
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