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Thread: i need a pistol put back together

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    Default i need a pistol put back together

    i have a ruger mark 2 target pistol that my brother completly disasembled and i need reassembled can anyone help or point me in the right direction
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    First off, can you whoop your brother? If not hire it done!

    There are several good how to's on the internet in regards to putting it back together. Iffen you were here I'd put it back together for you free of charge or if you want to ship it clear to Iowa I'd do it for you(you do have all the parts?). I'm bettin you got someone in your area that can do it for you! If not the offer stands!

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    point the pistol up with the barrel straight up.
    Have the hammer relaesed (Having previously pulled the trigger withthe bolt out)

    replace the bolt and alighn the bolt stop hole with the hole in the frame, you can look down it.

    Then, with the hammer spring housing/bolt stop dissasembly lever out, and the hammer arm dangling in the grip (it often hangs up on the crosspin in the grip) slide the bolt stop up into the houseing and swing the hammer spring housing into the grip.

    If the hammer arm dosent seat in the spring cup, you wont be able to close the Housing/stop into place. It will be stiff, but not "Hard!" to close up. Sometimes you have to shake the grip to get the hammer arm to dangle properly.

    Hold the barrel pointed Up the whole while.

    Test for cycle, and if you dont do it right the first time, keep at it, it takes a bit of practise.

    Good luck.
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    If you're not in a big hurry; Clark Custom Guns has an excellent tape on Complete Ruger .22 Pistol Disassembly/Reassembly Mark I, Mark II, .22/.45 Shows how to take every part out and put it back.

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    Where you at? If you are around Palmer and have it all I'm willing. Havenít don one in years but my price is right.
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    If you are around Fairbanks, give a shout and I'll give you a hand. I've had lots of those apart and back together. I'd be happy to give you some pointers.
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    I hadn't taken mine apart in 15 years. A one minute search on YouTube found a very detailed how-to that had me in business in no time.
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