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Thread: I need live birds for training

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    Default I need live birds for training

    i'm looking for training birds quail chukar or pheasant please let me know thanks
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    Hey Stetson. how things? you guys make it home okay?

    Cruiser is doing great... kids love him...
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    yea i'm back from the sandbox i'm glad to hear hes doing good... hows things up there
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    You might check with Tori at......

    Her and her husband are also on here but they don't check in that often. I have flight ready adult Bobwhites raised in a flight cage etc...but we are enjoying their eggs and it's hatching season or I'd offer them up.....

    Check with Tori and see what she has coming up.

    You can also check with Gabe King out of Homer 907-399-8753. He has pheasant....quail that we sent him are in the incubator now. That might not be an option now but keep that information for next spring. I think both folks have adult pheasant available.
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    Default Where are you?

    What are you training...pointer, lab, spaniel? Homing pigeons can be very useful for pointer work...that is all I have but willing to share/rent within reasonable distance or if you want to join for training session

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    I have 17 trained attack GEESE. They sell for: Ganders $39.99 They will train your Dog to protect the perimeter of your property.


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