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    My double axle trailer with electric brakes has a wheel that the brake is dragging on. I jacked each wheel up to spin/grease/inspect and take apart if needed, and found one that doesn't spin free. First, I replaced the bearings because I saw a bit of rust and moisture, then quickly remembered this is the one that always seems warm and actually broke apart one year on the road. Is there an adjustment to losen the pads a little from the drum?

    Also, the small battery that sits on the neck near the tongue of the trailer is basicly useless since it's not self-charging and usually dead, thus the brakes are useless if the trailer ever broke free. What are your thoughts on that?

    Lastly, is it odd that the entire wheel assembley, rim, drum, tire, is only held by the little 'tab' on the washer/castle nut? (Unless you have a cotter pin, then it's the pin holding it all together.) The whole design just seems insane, especially after having one come off on the road by the big hill by Hope, the fender kept the wheel from leaving the vehicle. There is no 'redundency', the washer or cotter pin fails, the nut comes off!

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    On the inside of your brake drum on the bottom there is a slot (it should have a black plug that keeps the dirt out) remove this black plug and you use a flat screw driver to adjust your brakes. Basically you lever the screwdriver up and down and the edge catches the tabs on the adjusting bar and tightens or loosens your brakes. They make a special tool for this but a flat screwdriver works too. Did I make any sense at all? If you google trailer drum brake adjusting you should get some better explanations. I tried to find a video on youtube but couldn't find anything quick.

    A lot of brakes like this are self adjusting, meaning when you back up and hit the brakes it should adjust your brakes out as they wear but sometimes the don't and sometimes they adjust out to far. I had to adjust one of mine this spring.

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    Yep, what Hewey said. I think I learned how to do the adjustment on a Champion Trailer web site. Tells you not just how to turn the star, but also how to go through the entire adjustment process.


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