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Thread: Gulkana waste management and shuttles

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    Default Gulkana waste management and shuttles

    I remember discussion last year about a backcountry toilet system available to borrow or rent from BLM for use on Gulkana floats. Anyone know if they will be doing it this year again?

    Also, I know this has been posted before, but I need the contact info to set-up a shuttle. We're planning to float around the last week in June.


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    Sourdough Lodge (I think that's the name) ran a shuttle last year, great folks and serve a nice meal too.

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    Default For rent?

    Not sure about that,but there's a contact number at the end here. The river is set up very well for people using "groovers" with dump and washout fixtures at the takeout.

    This video for primer on an early "groover" - they've come a long way since:

    Groovers in some old threads - and most on the Gulkana too I think:

    And here's good Gulkana info from:

    Human Waste Disposal
    ● Due to high costs and remote locations, outhouses are not available throughout most of the river. Even where these outhouses are located, human waste has continued to accumulate nearby. Over time, concentrations of waste tend to build up in the most popular places, until they are ruined for everyone. A river campsite can be transformed into a large "cat box" overnight by just one party utilizing the "cat hole" method of disposal. Just imagine how many people will use that same site in one season, day after day. As use levels increase, it becomes unacceptable to leave human waste within the river corridor.
    ● To address this problem, and to protect the natural resources of the rivers and to maintain a safe and sanitary place for others to enjoy, all boating parties are encouraged to carry and use a portable toilet during float trips. This requirement is nothing new to most rivers and is far less of a nuisance than it may first sound. With just a little advance preparation, you can help keep the river banks and campsites from becoming fields of "cat holes" and toilet paper.
    Portable Toilet Systems
    ● There are dozens of kinds of portable toilets available. You will have to decide what method of packing out human waste is most appropriate for the size and comfort level of your group. The traditional "Porta-Potty" style may be suitable for some groups, but most river runners use a toilet system specifically designed for rougher river trip conditions. These designs vary from the improvised and inexpensive to the elaborate, but most are leakproof and can be washed out and reused over and over.
    ● Contact the Glennallen Field Office for additional information at 907-822-3217 ●

    In the 3 years I've floated the Gulkana, it seems more people use groovers every year. The waste management system (dump facilities) on the Gulkana river seems "cutting edge" as far as best ways to keep the river pristine in the face of area (Southcentral AK) population growth and heavier use. Last year camping at Kenai R/Skilak inlet, I couldn't help but wonder if the Kenai will be using the same system one day.

    Have a good trip.

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    Default Gulkana shuttle info

    Sourdough Roadhouse 822-7122. If I remember right its about $60

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    Default Yepper ask for TODD

    Todd owns Sourdough and is a first rate person and has done a lot to increase his business and the Food is Good! They normally show up about 1 May to the Lodge.

    Have fun eh!


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