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Thread: Spark Plug change, VP FL 5.0

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    I've got a 5.0 Volvo Penta FL and want to change my spark plugs but looking at it, it appears I have to remove the exhust manifolds to access the plugs. Is this correct or not? Anyone able to provide me with the process?



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    I had one cylinder on a 460 that gave me fits. I found a swivel type socket that worked because the swivel was round it was a snapon. I have a craftsman knuckle style swivel that would quite fit in there, you need the proper tool you can't be dropping a manny if you're on the water and ned to remove your plugs for some reason such as dieseling and sucking water into your cylinders through your exhaust ...
    How many hours do you have on your plugs?

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    How many hours do you have on your plugs?[/QUOTE]

    Dunno.. they came with the boat and I was thinking of being preventative

    It's new to me last fall...

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    Default Plugs

    You shouldn't have to remove the manifolds. But you will probably need a thin wall deep well socket. I had the same problem with my 5.7L.


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