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Thread: Cabins on Hinchinbrook

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    I'm taking three guys with me halibut fish by Hinchinbrook for three days. I planned on saving some fuel and just staying out there. I was considering staying at the cabin either in Shelter Bay or Double Bay. I have a 30' boat, which would be better anchorage and easiest to get to. Just in case I might want to throw one of the guys off the boat in the ocean and thought it might be better to get off of the boat an stay at one of the cabins for a night or two. I have a skiff to run ashore and just thought it might look bad if I left I guy floating around in a skiff so I thought I'd try a cabin.

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    Have you checked the availability of those cabins yet? They tend to be fully booked 6-months out.

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    They are both open the dates we will be out there.


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