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    Default Simms Backpack

    It looks like a great pack. Lots of back support, also looks real tough and 100% waterproof. Anyone have one?
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    Check out the Pacific Outdoors Gobi bag (backpack). It is 100% waterproof as well. You may find a good deal online if you shop around. I bought some on Sierra Trading Post a year or two ago about half price. As for Simms, I am sure it is nice. I just bought a Simms backpack, but not the one you listed. I got the Headwaters day pack. I liked the way it would hold rod tubes on the side and such. By looking, it will hold 2 for sure on each side, perhaps 3. It also has a built in waterproof cover for hiking/fishing in the rain. Pretty slick bag. Going to SE next week for some steelheading.
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    This Excursion backpack ( from Briggs & Riley is another nice option to consider. The backpack is weatherproof and resistant to abrasions. I am sure it can withstand the roughest of travel conditions. Durability is something that you take for granted in BR bags and I am sure this is no different. After all, they have a tall reputation to protect!

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    Default Well, no but...

    I already owned several daypacks by the time I saw the Simms line now on shelves. Many daypacks aren't truly waterproof...and I own several like that. Occasionally, on those day-long soaking rains, stuff inside gets a little wet even stashing the pack under trees etc, mainly through the zippers. For daytrips, it's not a big deal and not enough of a problem to replace them with Simms classy packs. I still don't "need" a Simms pack.

    On the other hand...a daypack is one piece of gear one gets plenty of use from. In fact, I drifted towards a little bigger capacity pack (2200 ci or so) as my outdoor season gradually grew. I have reasons to own several daypacks (family outings with visitors, etc) accumulated from end-of-season discounts etc, but if I was in the market for a new waterproof daypack, the feature I'd look at in any competitor's pack would be the zipper (or other closure system). The Simms packs are constructed with good waterproof zippers and materials. I don't favor the roll-down top types - b/c I seem to usually need something from the bottom of the pack. From other Simms gear, I have confidence in their construction and service. They seem built similar to some spendy dry bags seen in rafting shops. Simms would be first on my list - though maybe other makes are worth comparing. If you buy Simms and don't like it, perhaps you could PM one of us? Just a thought! Good luck, man.


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