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    Default What to do???

    Hey guys I will be landing in ANC on May 18th around 10pm and I am planning on taking a bus to Seward at 6am the next morning. What am i suposed to do with the time between landing and the shuttle take off? Can i stay in the airport? Thanks for the help

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    Default yeah I think arpt

    I used to do that a lot traveling off fishing grounds, just crash somewhere in some corner of the airport,

    It might a bit trickier with TSA factor, but the arpt is open all night with something going on so i would bet you can do that somehow, maybe outside the departure secured area(since you won't have a boarding pass for continueing on a flt.), out by the entrance there are a lot of corners where nobody will bother you, might even be able to catch a few winks,

    Welcome to Alaska, you'll enjoy that shuttle ride as your first view for sure.
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    You can crash somewhere down by the baggage claim areas. If you are a smoker that is where the smoking section is. If you are not a smoker, you might want to crash right up in the boarding area as there is no longer a resturant outside of the boarding areas to get a hot meal. If I'm in the area at that time I could stop by and give you a tour of the Anchorage, Eagle River and Wasilla area.

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    With the way a lot of flights get in to ANC in the middle of the night and connecting flights leave in the morning it is not uncommon to see people resting and sleeping on the seats/benches in the airport. I had to do this a few years back. I found some good benches without arm rests seperating every seat near the oil company airline desks (south terminal if I remember correctly). I was not the only one there catching some sleep there were about 8 north slope workers there sleeping/waiting for their flights in the morning.


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