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    Hey everyone! I've heard about the great population of black bears around seldovia and I was wondering if it would be possible to take my truck over there on the ferry and do some hunting. I was thinking about getting on that this spring but I've never been over there and I don't know what the roads are like or if there is private land to worry about. Any info woul be great! thanks, Caleb.

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    may not be enough road to justify the truck! mountatin bike might work,I have heard the road is overgrown and washed out in some areas (impassable), I think port graham native corp land starts about half way into the road to rocky river. I used to ride dirt bikes from jakolof bay to rocky river in the mid 80's alot has changed since then.

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    I've actually hunted Seldovia on two occassions we took a boat over there and hunted out of Seldovia bay and also borrowed a truck from someone and drove the road to jakalof bay. I believe when you go there you have to go to the native place over by the harbor and buy a permit to drive on the road. I wouldn't recommend going there until at least the end of may, before then there is usually too much snow and the hunting aint as good. We always went like the second week of may and there was still quite a bit of snow both years (2008 and 2009). We saw one bear at the head of seldovia bay, but people in seldovia always told us to go to red mountain, problem was one year the snow was much to deep to drive a truck or four wheeler, and the other year found out the road up red mountain is way to washed out to take a truck. I recommend taking a ranger or 4-wheeler sized vehicle, and go up to the head of jakalof bay and up to red mountain and sit over the logging areas and look for bears. One year we saw a nice one at the head of jakalof bay but couldn't quite close the deal.


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