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Thread: XS scout mount on Marlin 1895

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    Default XS scout mount on Marlin 1895

    I am thinking getting a XS scout mount for my Marlin stainless guide gun. I plan to also install the XS Ghost ring sightsas back up. I would like to hear of any experiences (positive or negative) with either the scout mount or the Ghost ring sights. Any input would be greatly apriciated.

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    Great idea. The only way to go for such a rifle. That is the quickest scope mount system and for a rifle of limited ranging capabilities, it is all you need. Also the ghost aperture and post is a better system of sight than the factory standard. I can't see the tiny bead in the tiny U-notch, so for me it's the only way. I would use no other system on such a rifle.

    I have installed several of these on the 1895 and the 1894 Marlins, it is very easy and a simple do-it-yourself project. The scout mount uses the front two holes for scope mount on the receiver and the rear sight dovetail on the barrel. When installing the dovetail wedge, don't sand off too much and then only sand off on the bottom. You want a press fit, tap it in with a brass punch. Use the lock-tite, I think it's provided, use the right stuff in the right place. These rings are adjustable and yet very rugged. Get the set specifically for the 1895 with the proper front sight post.

    If ghost rings are new to you it will take a little time to adjust. The secret to good shots with them is a very good and consistant stock weld, face smashed to the stock the same for every shot. Good shootin'.


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    Default Ghost ring sights

    I am very familiar with "appature" sights, I use them from time to time on my assigned M4 and also on my assigned M249. That is one of the main reasons why I was thinking of the setup. In Iraq my M4 had a M68 reflex sight mounted on Surefire rail hand guards, backed up with Knights folding rear sight. This set up did very well for CQB all the way out to 300 meters. It was quick on target and never failed when shots really counted.
    Thanks for the input and looking forward to trying this setup on 4 legged targets.

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    There isn't anything else to add since Murphy answered your question so perfectly.

    I just want to say THANK YOU for your service to this country. Thanks for putting you life on the line in that hell-hole to protect us and to bring freedom to a country that doesn't know what that is. I hope you made it back safely and without injury. You deserve a hunt for 4-legged critters.


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