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Thread: Fish finder transducer mounting

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    Default Fish finder transducer mounting

    The fish finder I have has a flat style transducer. Is there any disadvantage to just running an angle bracket off the back of my transom with an aluminum angle? I only want to do this once. It's on a 14' inflatable. Does it need to hang down considerably lower than the bottom of the transom?

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    Smile transducer

    I have transducers mounted on both of my boats. Aluminum boat has transducer mounted on aluminum bracket, and fiberglass boat has transducer mounted directly to the transom. I try to keep the bottom of the transducer about 1/8 to 1/4 inch below that bottom plane of the boat. Works great in both applications.
    Pretty important to have some sort of kick up transducer bracket in case of hitting a rock of driftwood it will not destroy your transducer. Good luck.

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    Default I agree

    Only thing I would add is you want to put it somewhere it's not going to get propwash or air bubbles getting channeled over it. That will definitely reduce the ducer's effectiveness.

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    Till trying to decide if I am even going to use this one. Then hope I get it mounted properly so it works right.

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    Default Alumaducer

    Check out the Alumaducer...can be mounted in the hull and will shoot thru .150 thick aluminum.

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    Default Inflatable

    Since I was going to be slamming my 18' Inflatable on the every beach I could find, I mounted mine on a slide with a wing nut to lock into place. It was just a aluminum flat bar with a slot cut in it, 2 holes in the thransom, 1 with a locknut 1 with the wing nut. The top was bent over for easy pulling it up or pushing down.
    If I had to do it again I'd work on having the transducer attached to round stock!

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    Default I rigged boats for 18 years

    The best place on the boat is glued inside right to the hull bow or stern.
    Usually my boss wanted them mounted right under the engine on the I/O
    and I cleaned the serface with acetone and used 10 set epoxy.every one of the transducers worked just fine. If I needed to replace one it just took a wack side ways with a hammer,and theyd come off. Usually the only time they got replaced was if the customer wanted one with more bells and whistles,or the display control unit died for some reason which was rare.or they were stolen, or lost.

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    On the inflatable that I used to have, I had a Lowrance sonar that was portable and had the transducer mounted to the transom using only a suction cup. Never came off, although I tied a string to it just in case it did. Worked great.

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    Gluing to my inflatable bottom probably isn't going to happen.

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    Any idea where or how I can determine where to mount the transducer in relation to the transom? From what I've read you don't want it mounted directly in the middle but close. Is there an easy way to determine where without it being in the water or tons of trial and error?


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