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    What weight of rod, size of reel, and type of line should a guy get for Alaska. I'll be moving to the Fairbanks area next month. I have a couple of 6 weights that I use for trout, and my saltwater 8 weight I use for bonefish. I'll be interested in fishing for anything I can from Grayling to Salmon and Pike. Also any pics of the type of flies used for specific species would be appriciated.

    Thanks Much

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    Default Well welcome to Fairbanks

    Your 6W will get the job done to start with but is a little heavy for most area fishing in the greater Fairbanks area. Local creeks / rivers such as the Chena, Chat, Badger Slough and or Piledriver really fit a 8'6" 4W or a nice 7' 9" 3W better. We do not have a lot of wind and the average Grayling 12-18 inches i.e. 1/2 lbs to 1.5 lbs or slightly larger. Your 8W will be fine for chasing Pike as well as Chum, Red, Pink, and Silver Salmon however it is a little light for Kings.

    Standard Grayling Flies: Griffith Gant, Caddis, and this one is the C.C Blue Dune or LWF.
    Hairs Ear bead head, Brassie Bead Head soft hackle, and Woolley Bugger.

    Standard Salmon Flies: Coho / Russian River, Arcticulating Egg Sucking Leach, Green Butt Skunk, Polar Shrimp, Wogs, Fat Freddies, Flash Fly, Maribou Popcicle, Clouser Minnows.

    There are many to choose from I just listed the ones I use.

    Again welcome to Fairbanks enjoy your time in AK.

    Tight Lines and Best Wishes

    Richard Mousseau

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    Default rod weights...

    Your asking for opinions....

    There is good grayling and pike fishing near Fairbanks. I'd say your 6wts are a bit heavy for grayling and about right for pike. You are going to have to travel a bit (or a lot) for salmon and rainbow stream fishing. Your 8wt will be fine for sockeye, silvers, and chums. The 6wt about right for pinks. Kings? Hmmmm. A 10wt and start thinking about spey rods but that is a different universe.

    Flies? Hmmmm..... big question and a bigger answer.... this website will BEGIN to help you:


    p.s. start sipping DEET... get your blood levels up.

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    Like the others have said, you have the middle pretty well covered. You'd need something heavier for big water kings (#10) and something lighter for grayling. I happen to prefer a 4 or 3 for grayling, and since you already have even # rods, I'd go with the 4.

    Flies? Tie the basics beforehand if you want, but you can get that info at the nearest fly shop to whichever water you want to fish next. I have waaaaaay too many fly boxes, and I use them all- more out of interest than need. That's a sure sign of long winters!

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    The purple egg sucking leech in it's standard form and variations seems to be capable of catching just about any fish in the state from grayling to salmon. The coneheaded Dalai Lama seems to have the same effect as well at least for me. This week I had a cuthroat that was probably twice the size of the fly attack one, and one of my buddies landed a king on one.


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