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Thread: fairbanks to nenana

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    Default fairbanks to nenana

    looking to do a solstice float from fairbanks to nenana, anyone interested, maybe a group float? does anyone know how many hours floating time? how about dangers? its time guys i can taste it!!!!!

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    I did that float on my birthday, by myself, along with my old norwegian elkhound, in a two-hole Folbot, about 26 or 27 years ago. If actively paddling, it can be done in a SURPRISINGLY short (and even disappointingly so) amount of time.

    I took a BUNCH of 4-gallon sq. commercial mayonaise jugs with tight-fitting snap-on lids, and roped them together with para-cord, thus containing most of my smaller gear in them in case it rained (or worse), stacked wool blankets in the forward hole, so my canine friend could see up over the framing without straining her neck too much, and was in Nenana about 7 or 8 hours later, having paddled somewhat aggressively through the mid-summer night.

    The biggest danger I faced was a rather ominous thunder and lightning storm that did me the favor of avoiding me at the last moment, myself being, back then, younger, more foolish, and 'under the weather' to the point of feeling uncomfortable landing a soft-skinned boat... I guess you had to be there....

    But those were different times....

    More common dangers? Depending on the current, sweepers can cause the odd moment of hyper-vigilance, though it's rare at that speed for them to really cause any grief unless the water's rushing at high mark, and you've taken a deep outer-bank curve that's littered with brush, some of which may be invisible, resting beneath the silt-clouded water.

    Other than brush/debris, the weather, bad moods, not enough snacks or gear, etc., the greatest danger is probably the chance of having WAY too much fun...


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