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    I didn't want to steal the "little dave" thread. What are the + and - of ball bearing swivels. I use (and have for decades) the Luhr Jensen Duo-Lock snaps along with a quality barrel swivel, I've never had one fail, and they seem to work fine. I've used them in all kinds of sizes. My question is how much better, if at all, is the high end ball bearing snap swivel. What will it do that mine won't. Is it just a gimmick?

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    On rivers and such I never have noticed much of a difference. Same protection from line twists, security of snap, etc. from the cheap ones without bearings. Things are different when you're chasing big fish at high speeds in saltwater- tuna, billfish, etc. I do see a difference there, but not in Alaska, and especially not in rivers. Best way to buy that I've found is bulk. Cabelas is a good source for small stuff like you use in rivers. Bought some packs of 72 swivels this spring for what I pay locally for three 5-packs of swivels. For heavier stuff I use in Alaska saltwater, I just go to the local marine supply store in any port with a jig or troll fishery. Those guys use lots of swivels, and they need stout, good quality. As I recall I paid $9 for a pack of 100 barrels, then added snaps myself at $7 for a 100-pack. Really good stuff, better than Walmart, and knocks the snot out of their pricing at 17 cents each. That translates into $1 for a 6-pack.


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