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    Thumbs up Alaska Sportsman Products

    This post is probably better suited for the gear forum but thought you hunters might want to hear it. I have been waiting for an Alaska Sportsman Chest Holster made by Daniel Collins to get to one of the stores in the Fairbanks area because they haven't had the size I wanted. Finally I called Daniel a few weeks ago and explained my situation. I am leaving for Kodiak and wanted this holster for the trip. I had one custom made because of the length of my barrel, no extra charge. He promised he would get it to me before I left. He has been pretty busy and had been getting behind. I called him this past Wednesday to check on it because I leave this Saturday and was getting nervous that it wouldn't get here. I got my holster Thursday evening. Great holster, great guy. I was very pleased dealing with him. Just thought I'd give him some good publicity on the forums.
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    Yep, he offered to replace my holster because I had one very minor complaint about it. I declined because I was totally happy with the holster, but I certainly appreciated his concern. It has been a great holster for me.
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