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Thread: 8 Pots this year?

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    Default 8 Pots this year?

    This might have been asked in a previous thread but i couldn't find any info on it. Are we allowed 8 shrimp pots per vessel this year? Any info would be great.

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    You are correct. Here is a link to the EO:
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    Commercial openings, eight pots per boat......looks to me like they're trying to fish it out so they don't have to manage it anymore. I figure we've got three more good years then it'll be scratch fishing.

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    Default In PWS not the North Gulf Coast

    If you have the North Gulf Coast permit you are still only allowed five pots.

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    Default It's all about habitat...

    habitat and ocean environment, including water temps, food organisms, big oil spills or NOT, predation and lots of stuff; the physical habitat doesn't change much unless we get another big earthquake....IMO, net fishing for shrimp might cause a quick population drop, but I don't think pot fishing including commercial and sport will even dent the population of PWS shrimp. We might get back to "scratch" shrimping, then again we might get a huge increase in shrimp populations the next couple of years even with the increased pot limits AND commercial shrimping.

    I think we can trust the individual fisheries professionals, it's the politics that might jade the management situation at times, but really now, the ADFG seems to have a pretty intensive plan to monitor and manage the PWS shrimp and when you think of all that water the sport and commercial catch this year will be inconsequential. If the popluation drops, it's from other factors, and it might do that...or get even better, let's all hope it does

    After all the damage and challenges that some 16 dams on the Columbia and Snake rivers present to migrating salmon, we've had several recent record runs of chinook salmon and steelhead since counts have been kept the last 75 years in Idaho, with these fish migrating 400-600 miles or so through that gauntlet...all because of ocean conditions and in spite of the commercial and sport catch and the &*!@!$#^*! sea lions hanging around the mouth of the Columbia! The various PNW state's F&G departments do a good job setting the sport and commercial catch limits, and rarely if ever do they cause significant population changes. Now, the FEDS are a different story, don't even get me started on the folks that brought us wolves


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