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    Default Goodpasture river

    Does anyone have any advice on moose/caribou hunting the Goodpasture river in September? I have a float hunt booked on the upper portions and am looking for any advice or thoughts you may have. We are hunting the last week of the moose season in this area I believe the season closes the 15th.

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    The only thing I have for you is watch the jet boats. Narrow, skinny water and there isn't room for two a lot of places. Good luck on your hunt.

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    Default Question

    What day are you going in and who are you flying with?

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    Default I sent you a PM

    I could give you some info. Give me a call. I sent you a PM with my phone number.

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    Default goodpaster info

    Yes the moose season ends on Sept. 15th in that drainage, and depending on how many miles you are floating will depend on how many jet boats you are going to run into. There is a lot of boat traffic on the river from Glacier Creek downstream, and it gets worse the closer you get to the South Fork.
    Also not alot of moose get taken on the upper North Fork. There are an average of 109 moose hunters on that river and between 25 and 35 moose get shot a year. Last year there was 28 moose shot and none came above Tibbs Creek, and 6 were shot in the stretch of river from Tibbs Ck. to the South Fork. Just because everyone and there cousin has a extreme shallow or phantom sport jon, doesn't mean they know how to run a river!

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    Default Moose Goodpaster?

    Ok it was a lot better prior to the mine opening :-) Lots of people these days.

    Have an associate who owns land high up on the system in the skinny water and he has noticed more and more people and less and less moose.

    Just Saying! Be aware if things do not change that system will be more of a float drag than a hunt depending on the area you are getting dropped off at. Also you need to be aware of the float time out on that system might behoove you to have a motor hint hint to get out when your done hunting.

    Best of luck! I know eh sorry I should be more positive.

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    Default going in

    I am going in on the 6th and being picked up on the 17th.

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    Default Sorry I missed your call this weekend

    Quote Originally Posted by JOHN B View Post
    I am going in on the 6th and being picked up on the 17th.
    You didn't leave me your number to call you back. I have floated this river before. Give me a call again and we can talk.

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    John B, I take it you will fly into Tibbs Creek and float down to Central Creek and get picked up there. Are those your plans?

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    Default Tibbs to Central

    That sounds about right. I am flying with Golden Eagle Outfitters and I dont remember the exact drip off and pick up but He said we would be floating the upper 40 to 50 miles.

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    good luck but as moose pointed out... unless we get some decent rains this year... floating will be a drag.. very little snow in the interior and so far forcasting to be a very good year for fire ...not fish..
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