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Thread: Sagebrush Dry Bag

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    Default Sagebrush Dry Bag

    Anyone have any experience with their day pack? Or any of their products for that matter? I saw them at the sportsman show. They look like really nice bags with big heavy zippers.

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    I know people that have them, and have checked them out. They seem very nice, but wickedly expensive!

    They are made by a guy in Kake I believe, and I've heard he'll do custom bags as well.

    I really wanted one of the backpacks, but there's just no way I'd shell out $250 for one.
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    I got the waist pack and use it rafting,skiing, or wet conditions for SLR camera gear mainly. I bought it 6-7 yrs ago when they were in Dillon Mt. and would buy another. For keeping clothes dry a good old river bag is good but the Sagebrush is great for expensive gear and it still looks almost new. On mine you can remove/add the hipbelt and shoulder strap which adds versatility for a hike vs. a river trip etc. As far as price, I guess custom quality ain't cheap! Hope this helps.


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