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Thread: Zolatone re-paint

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    Default Zolatone re-paint

    My Zolatone is peeling aroung the edges. Has anyone here touched up there cracking/peeling Zolatone before? Can you just sand and spray the bad spots or do you have to sand the whole boat and start fresh?

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    good question... i thought that was the beauty of zolotone, it was tough and wouldn't peel.

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    Default zolatone repaint

    I just had my Hewescraft repainted in Soldotna. The guyss did a great job and they put a heavy dose of clearcoat it over so you wash it with a power washer. They did a boat for me about 15 years ago and it is still in great shape

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    tomfishhunter: who did you use and was this over aluminum? There was a post in the past on this and I believe you need a sprayer as well so may have someone else do mine.

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    Default Painter

    I used Robbie Paulk, 741-0999. Its quite a process. If you have a good base(primer), its not to bad. But if you have bare aluminum, than you have to prep it, conditioner, primer, zolotone, and than clear coat. But it sure is nice and worth it over the years

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    Thanks for the number. Will give him a call. Power washer and corrosion plus wear and tear have ate mine up in places and would like to do a major touch up here in a season or two.

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    Default painting w/ zolatone

    My Harbercraft is actually back at the factory getting some zolatone re-sprayed after I had tried to do it myself. In assembly they didn't use sealant on the rear rail, so it bubbled up around the stantions prematurely. This is an aluminum boat if you're not familiar.

    Priming was not an issue, but zolatone is a whole different story. You need to know exactly what you're doing or that stuff goes flying everywhere! Not only that, but getting the texture right is difficult, you need the right gear and compressor. The equipment I had was not up to the task and got clogged. I think even a skilled auto painter would need to fiddle around a bit to get it right.

    In the end my boat went back to the factory for them to do it. I do not know yet how it'll look when I get it back. I would not recommend spraying zolatone yourself, but if you do - don't breathe in any fumes. It's NASTY stuff and will mess your head up!

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    Zolatone is waterborne. It has very little smell. The material is different than other paints but it isn't hard to shoot. In fact with the texture and color spatters it's very forgiving to shoot. But for the same reasons it's very hard to match. I'd rather shoot an entire panel to a seam rather than trying to feather in a touch-up. Texture and spatter distribution is determined by tip size and pressure. Use the same paint through two different guns and it'll look like two different paint jobs. That will make the average touch-up job by an average owner stand out from the factory paint. Be aware of that before you pull the trigger on a small area touch-up. If you do decide to shoot the typical paint rule applies. The final product is only as good as the prep.


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