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Thread: Is your forum Pro-Hunter or Pro-Registration

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    Default Is your forum Pro-Hunter or Pro-Registration

    Does your forum take a hard stand for Hunters or is it more interested in Registration counts.

    I got banned at and for taking a hardline for the sportsman.
    I kept screen captures so that when they removed the thread we could all see what kind of sneaky sneaks they are. When Mods look bad they remove the posts. All I was saying is that "Trappers and Wardens have about the same relationship as Accountants and Tax Auditors" They seemed to be a Warden loving bunch?

    Check out some of the 400+ short video clips of the trapline at:

    If they don't take the lead for our causes then they should get the out of they way.

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    This forum does'nt need the erroneous information included about you past or T-mans policies.

    If you have a question post for an answer
    if you have an observation, post for opinions

    dont need you to post comparing forum policies.

    search the historical data on this site and make the judgment yourself.

    If you cant stand behind the troops in Iraq.. Feel free to stand in front of them.

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    This forum has its rules posted on the FAQ page. As long as you follow those rules you will be fine. As Mods we are tasked with insuring that the forum stays civil within those rules and allow open conversation between many different user groups and viewpoints. If you expect the forum to purge members for disagreeing with your or even our viewpoints while remaining civil then this may not be a good match for you.

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    Default your first post

    this in your first post?

    use the search feature and readup and see for yourself.

    if stirring the pot is your objective, to set out against this forum- please look elsewhere. other options in california perhaps?

    good luck to you

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