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Thread: Choose Two: Petersburg - Wrangell - Ketchikan

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    Default Choose Two: Petersburg - Wrangell - Ketchikan

    Okay so you have a choice while doing the Marine Highway ferry system from Haines to Prince Rupert to stop at two of the above three destinations for a night or two in early June (6-10). The wife wants to do the infamous "some fishing would be okay" but also "wants to see some sites". Where would you stop and how would you go about getting into some fish? Charters, unless they have a sweet military rate, would be a little cost preventative as this is a small part of a three month U.S. family tour and my teacher paycheck does not show up in the summer months. Did read about a boat rental in Petersburg with a reasonable rate $135 (17') a day so that was intriguing and we are pretty solid in our boating skills.

    I don't particularly care what the target fish is more or less just interested in having a wet line and a solid hope that something is going to be happening on the other end.

    P.S. Any non-fishing "other sites" information would be appreciated as well.

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    If it's not raining then get off and stay for a day, then get back on. If it's not raining at the next port, get off and stay until it's time to leave

    I like Petersburg and Ketchikan. I have only spent one night in Wrangell and it involved some of the Hoonah boys.
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    Default Petersburg

    I would definately do Petersburg, I'm a bit biased though because I grew up there. My family used to own the boat rental business there and recently sold it to Jensen's Boat Rentals. As far as i know he's the only one renting boats now. He also bought up the boat rental business from the local hotel. Early June will see you with good opportunities for Kings and Halibut around Petersburg. Also if the wife wants to do some site seeing there is a lot of places to explore in a boat.

    I can't say much about the other two places. You might see if you can take a ride up the Stikine from Wrangell. Either way you are touring SE Alaska the right way. Taking the ferry and exploring the towns along the way.

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    Wrangell has the stikine river with lots of jet boat operators to choose from and you can get them to take you to Anan bear observatory. There is also good fishing close by.

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    Wrangell & Ktown

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    Family lived in Wrangell for a few years. Between the people, river and ocean it offers a lot.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Phish Finder View Post
    I have only spent one night in Wrangell and it involved some of the Hoonah boys.
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    Thumbs up Wrangell

    Alaska Vistas can arrange all sorts of great things to see and do. Ask for Sylvia or John. Very fair prices, license for Anan bear watching, 45 minute jet ride out of town, and also can do Stikine River stuff. Check their website.

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    Wrangel is nice, but if you are looking for activities to keep the Mrs. busy while you are wetting a line I would go with Petersburg and Ketchikan.

    Both have interesting things that will please the Mrs, good shopping, Petersburg has the Scandinavian theme, and Ketchikan as a cruise port has lots of atractions.

    The advice about letting weather decide does hold some merit... it can be mighty rainy in those parts

    Hope that all helps.

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    Default Ketch and Pete

    Wrangell is a cool town I really enjoyed an overnight there last time passing through running a boat up from Seattle, kinda quiet, the Stikine sounds really excellent but,

    Spent years in Ketchikan and if you have a rig to get out the road it's a great place, fair bit of culture in town also for walking harbors, etc.

    Same with Petersburg, interesting Fishing culture as well as a great place to rent a skiff and cruise either the Narrows for fun or up north out of town has got be really fishy so,

    I'd say Ketch and Pete,

    but if you miss Sitka, you will have missed the Best Town in AK in my opinion. That is one Great Plan For Intro Travel to Alaska, Have Fun
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