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    After researching what kind of scope I wanted as well as the rings to mount it on I definitely wanted to mount it all on my rifle correctly. I ended up ordering this mounting kit from Midway.

    Previously I have always used the ole mount it all on there and tighten it down good and tight method. After spending the hard earned cash to purchase a scope and rings I decided to go ahead and invest in this kit as I will have it hopefully until I am old and gray.

    The pictures are of Talley lightweights. They are one piece rings and I was impressed at how well they lined up without doing anything to them. That said, I was able to fine tune everything with this kit to include alignment and lapping. The photos should be in chronological order as the first time I used the lapping compound I did it very lightly to get an idea of how much they were off. As you can see in the pictures, if I had not lapped them the contact between the rings and scope would have been off. Not by that much but definitely off. Would it have made a difference.... I dont know. I have the peace of mind knowing that everything is aligned and my scope is in solid contact with the rings.

    With two piece rings and bases this kit would definitely simplify the operation.
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    I probably could have lapped them a little further but being my first time I didnt want to overdo it.
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    Final stages.
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