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Thread: New caribou season and limits for 26B

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    Default New caribou season and limits for 26B

    I knew the limit was raised from 2 caribou to 5 for the majority of unit 26B including the Haul Road, but I did not realize that it will switch to "any caribou" throughout the entire season.

    Here is the breakdown. The final say will be in the 2010/2011 regs, but this is from the BOG summary:

    Unit 26B South of 65 Deg 30N Lat will be no closed season, and the only restriction is to prohibit the taking of cows during the calving season (May 16-June 30th).

    Unit 26B North (remainder) will be open for any caribou (bull or cow) from July 1 - April 30th for residents. Non-residents will still have to wait until October 1 to take cows.

    Can somebody look up and provide a mile marker or landmark that could describe the 65 Deg / 30N Lat area on the highway?

    Also, with July 1st cow caribou hunting, are the newborn calves able to take care of themselves at a month and a half old?

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    I was also unaware of the likely season/restriction changes. IMO I think there should be some restrictions on the cows. Like you said will the calves be able to live without a mother that early? Do other cows allow a calf to feed if its not theirs? Should be interesting to see the final product.

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    In my experience, F&G tends to be pretty conservative with seasons, so I suspect the biologists must believe the calves can make it on their own by that time in their lives. On the other hand, what time of year did the recent infamous case happen? I recall some of the dead cows were seen with calves still trying to nurse. Don't know...

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    My take on it.

    I believe fish and game say not taking of cows during the calving season=So cows are not shot before calving, therefore you would be shooting two bou at once. If you shot 5 cows that would be 10 bou. Then after the calving season, I believe the regs still apply=No talking of cows with calves or taking of calves.

    I think you guys may be looking at this the wrong way. No the calves won't be able to survive on their own that fast! I could be wrong. Just how I see things. There will be young cows, or the little bulls that look like cow and no body shoots because of that. Plus cows that didn't have a calve.

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    I may get blasted for this but:

    You could always just shoot the calves too. Shoot a cow, two calves, and a bull. You still would be able to take one more caribou and you would help meet the harvest quota's in the corridor.

    If the harvest quota's remain unmet, they will continue to loosen the restrictions.

    I bet they are tender....
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    I doubt we will see a "no calves or cow with calves" limitation. I don't think there is one anywhere else in the state and the taking of calves hasn't been limited up here before. It would also be too difficult to determine in a large herd, which could lead to difficult enforcement issues.

    I would probably wait until a little later on than July 1 to take a calf, but I bet the meat would be very tender. I'm not opposed at all to shooting the veal aged critters.

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    I am afraid the new rules will lead to a lot of hunters taking long shots at the herd knowing they can hit something. Results: wounded animals.

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    Default Yeah

    Last fall on one attempt I stalked a group of 5 bou.. 3 cows, a calf and 1 big bull.. Used the pipeline pillar and crept up to the feeding bou.. The cows and calf were 10 yards but safe as it was Sept... the bull was 60 yards out and going away.. Frustrating.. Good to know that this fall when a cow steps within range their going on the table, Can't eat the antlers anyway..


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