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Thread: Drift Boat and Trailer to Alaska

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    Default Drift Boat and Trailer to Alaska

    Anybody have experience hauling a drift boat from Washington to Alaska?
    I'm looking for the best way to prepare it for the long haul.
    Other than the basics of good spare tires packed wheel bearings good straps what should a guy do to avoid wearing holes in it or denting it all up?

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    Drop it off at my house for use in August and September and I'll give you a few hints
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    I was thinking the trip to AK was going to be a long one but if I have to get it to the 3rd stone by August I'll need even more help

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    Carry 2 spare tires. If you lose one, find another one.
    A complete hub assy with bearings, washer, cotter pin, grease and cap.
    PROTECT the front. Mudflaps on tow vehicle. Possibly shrink wrap it.
    Protect the wiring. I was down to bare wires by Tok. The chips will shred that cheap plastic loom.

    Carry tools, grease, brake cleaner, towels to clean up with.


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    Tools a decent jack and wood and junk for roadside repairs. I had a leaf spring break and kind of pole vault the boat up in the air. I was able to hafass a repair to get me to town.
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    Make sure your spares are locked up. In some areas there are a few folks that like to walk away with stuff that is not tied down.


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