I'm looking for a large, very nice quality tanned Wolverine pelt for myself. I would like to try to work out at least a large partial barter (and some cash) if possible.


Trapped a lot when younger and was going to get back into it this year, but for health reasons and for not wanting to accidentally start moving into somone elses territory, I've decided to just stick with predator calling.

FOR POSSIBLE BARTER ITEMS (I have many as we are moving back to montana this summer to be closer to family)


1.) 1 Dozen BRAND NEW Sleepy Creek #3 Coil Spring traps. NEVER USED.
2.) 1/2 Dozen BRAND NEW # 1 1/2 Sleepy Creek Lonsprings. NEVER USED.
3.) 1 Dozen Thompson 1-TS-60 Long length Snares. NEVER USED.
4.) 3 Dozen Thompson No. 1-S40 Swiveled Snares. NEVER USED.
5.) NIKON N90s 35 mm AF camera with 70-300mm ZOOM Lens, OriginalBoxes, padded cary case, and Polarizer Filter for sale.
6.) Several Photo/Video Trpods for sale.
7.) Ruger Redhawk .44, S&W .44, and Marlin 45/70 CB Mdl firearms for sale.
8.) Large Grumman Freighter Canoe I was going to do some minor repairs on and sell.
9.) Complete Black & White and Color Darkroom setup for sale.
10.) Lots of construction related tools/heaters/Dog kennel/and other stuff.

Sounds like I should just go shoot a Wolverine huh? I would if I saw one, but at my age and number of critter kills under my belt already, my enthusiasm to really pursue one just isn't really there. Don't know why that is, guess it has something to do with getting older cause i sure ain't sure if I'm getting much wizer! OK to email me at beartraks2003@yahoo.com or call 688-9490. Thanks.

Wow, I know that was long winded but if anyone knows how or who can help me avoid paying $500-$600.00 bucks out of pocket for a nice Wolverine pelt I'd sure appreciate it.

Why am I trying to barter or sell all this stuff? Don't want to haul it all the way back to Montana.