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Thread: Women's Hiking Boots

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    Default Women's Hiking Boots

    Trying to outfit the wife for a bear hunt--starting with the boots first--have already purchased the Lowa Lady GTX and the Lowa Tibet GTX(altho the men's version but in her size I hope) for her to try on when they arrive in the mail.

    Any other opinions on what the lady hunters (or is it huntresses) out there are using..

    Thanx for the replies...

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    I got the wife glacier Evo boots from sierra trading post. She has only tried them on and gone for a short walk in them so far but the fit is good and support is excellent. My buddies wife has many miles on hers and loves them.

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    I was gonna PM ya back about this, but figure I'll post it up here.

    My wife has two sets of boots. The first is the Lowa Renegade GTX. Its a lightweight hiking boot that she uses on long hikes as she doesn't need the extra weight or support of her mountain boots when on rolling hills especially if just backpacking (not hauling meat out). The are a great boot and she really likes them up to about 50-60 lbs (normally she her pack weighs 25-40 pounds depending on the trip)

    For her mountain boots as LuJon mentioned she has some miles in the mountains with her La Sportiva Glaciers Evos. Sierra Trading post has the for sale for $185 but if you sign up for a deal flyer discount and wait for a 30% off deal they can be had for less than $130. Pretty good for a $265 boot. But these boots are stiff. They are full shank sole so if you they take a little getting used to if you aren't used to mountaineering boots they may feel akward at first to walk in it was for my wife at first. But after she put several miles in the mountains on these she really ended up liking them a lot. She really came to like them when we were on the goat hunt and was able to just walk on the edges of her boots while sidehilling with a 50 lbs pack on.

    Its just a matter of finding a boot that fits her foot well as matching the boot needed to the terrain and weight she plans on carrying on the hunt. If its mainly hills with low pack weight (daypack weight) then she'll probably be happier with a lighter more flexible hiking boots than a mountaineering boot. Have her try on as many as she can and don't worry cost too much. I had to cut a 5 day backpack trip 3 days short (luckily we could bail off the mountain and packraft back instead of hike back) due to my wife's boots not fitting with a pair of Zamberlands she picked out that didn't work well with her feet. Lesson learned.

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    Default Went with the Lowa Lady GTX

    Found a great deal on the Lowa Lady GTX recently at still have a few sizes in stock if others are in the market...

    The wife tried on the Lowa Tibet GTX and found them too stiff--tried to explain the need for this quality in a boot when under weight and/or on steep terrain but she didn't want to try them out further--so the Lowa Lady GTX appears like it is going to be her primary boot for the fall bear hunt (unless we end up in rubber boots/waders ) the entire hunt due to weather/terrain we find ourselves in...

    So that is the next quest right now--decide what type of wader/rubber boot to get for her--Muck boot vs LaCrosse Big Chief vs some type of wader (hip vs chest)--have been reading the various threads on people arguing which is best/their choice and still haven't decided--so if anybody wants to offer some advice on their choice for a Kodiak fall bear hunt please let me know.


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