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Thread: 1985 Suzuki 185LT. I need racks!!!!!!!!!!

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    Default 1985 Suzuki 185LT. I need racks!!!!!!!!!!

    If someone has one of these junked or even just one of the racks could you drop me a line. I picked up one of these machines free from a buddy who didnt want it anymore. I cleaned the carborator and the machine runs great. The only problem is this model never had racks. They never came from the factory with racks but supposedly a company out of minnesota built racks for them and you would buy they as an after market product.

    So if anyone has these racks that they want to get rid of please drop me a line. thanks

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    Default build them?

    Ever thing about building them? If your handy with a welder is easy... if not you can just bolt them together, that way you can customize them how ever you want. There a Aluminum welder advertising somewhere on here, he could probably build you something skookum. Good luck!
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