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    Default Elliot Hwy

    We are going to moose hunt off the Elliot for moose this year and I need ATV trail info from anyone who knows the area!

    Specifically the north side of the Elliot as it turns west from just before Livengood going toward Manley Hot Springs. The north side of the first 15-20 miles or so is our hunt area. We drew 3 anterless tags for this area!

    Any info is apprecaited greatlly as I have never ventured into this neck our our great state!

    I'll probalbly do a scouting trip anyways but if any of you know the trail systems I'd surely appreciate any input!


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    Default I don't know the area, But....

    Congrats on Drawing three tags for one area !!!!!!!...........after hearing the complaints, and gripes, I would wait for the dust to settle from this year drawing results, and ask later in the summer when everyones fishin'.....

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    Default easy hunt

    i wouldn't worry too much, i/we go past there every year for the past 4 years during moose season... moose all over that area, just expect to see a ton of people, but thats good for you too, means plenty of wheeler trails. for a cow you might not even have to get far off the road either...


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    What time period did you draw the tag for? If it is during the regular bull season you will not have any problem finding the trails. There will be numerous vehicls parked around every trail head. If it is earlier or later you should do well and have some good areas to yourself. That hunt is on the road system in an area that is very heavily hunted. Just like the rest of the road system - easier access means more pressure -

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    Dont worry about trails, there arent that many in your hunt area, most of the heavily used trails are well past the area you drew. Theres a creek you can sit on, or the powerline going up from the area of the old man camp. Theres also a few marshes right along the road. A cow will show up at some point. There is also some properties in that first 10 miles or so , so be careful in that stretch. You pretty much have a road hunt, and it shouldn't be all that hard to fill a cow tag, now 3 ....thats a different story, but could be doable if your in the right place at the right time, 3 different times!...grin

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    Default Early Season Hunt

    This is an early season hunt that opens August 15th and runs through August 30th. Pretty good odds of drawing in this area so we figured we'd try something different. My son and I each put in and drew and a good friend also drew same tag.

    The Big Red Atlas shows some trails in our hunt area but some are labeled "winter trail" so you know what that means!

    We'll get it figured out

    Thanks for the responses...


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