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Thread: Vintage Aircraft - Southcentral?

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    Default Vintage Aircraft - Southcentral?

    Hey guys,
    Wondering if anyone knows of any vintage WWII-Era aircraft around southcentral. (multi-engine)

    I'm a photographer with two clients (they're in the army) who want to get photos taken in front of an old military'ish plane and they'd be dressed to match that era. I think I remember seeing a few DC-3's out and about. Isn't there something like that in Palmer in the parking apron near the start of runway 34? Is there anything like that outside of the Alaska Aviation Heritage Museum?

    Any old plane will do and they'd probably be ok going somewhere outside of Anchorage or Palmer if we couldn't find something close.


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    Contact the Alaska Wing of the Commemorative Air Force.

    They have an AT6 in Canadian Air Force colors and they should have a pretty good idea of any other warbirds in the area.

    You could also take them to the Alaska Aviation Trade Show on May 1st and 2nd.

    They will have lots of aircraft on display there, not too many in military colors but a few. The Trade Show is free! Contacting the Alaska Aviation Heritage Museum is also a good idea. Good luck.

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    south of the AC

    Default kenai

    The Kenai airport has a C-46 and a C-47 that operate out of there and I think a DC-6 sometimes too.

    As of a couple of days ago there was a twin beech here at HOM.

    Northwind Aviation has a birddog here in Homer too.

    If you can get to Eggigek during salmon season you might get to see some big iron working the beach there. ( C-46, C-47, DC-6)

    And there is always Lake Hood and the museum...

    Kick around any of the airports in the Anchorage area (within 50 mile or so) and you might just find anything.

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    One of my friends in Anchor Point has a WWII era Taylor Craft L2 artillery observation plane. It was used at Fort Sill OK.

    I sold my old J5A a few years back. It was used as a military trainer all through WWII.

    Of course there is the Restored P-38 Lighting on Elemendorf.

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