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Thread: Mokai Knik Raid

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    Default Mokai Knik Raid

    Would like to get a bunch of Mokai people gathered for a spring run on the Knik or some place else (maybe a lake). Go play and then meet for a BBQ.
    I would be willing to teach governor arm set up, wear ring replacement, help with any problems.
    Would be nice to see what mods people are making and just enjoy a large gathering of Mokais.
    PM me with suggestions.

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    Default mokai

    Saw your thread

    Would like to join in the fun,but cant find mokai to buy! the guy in palmer doesent know when he will be gitting any in!!!!!!!!!! told me i could order direct from n.y. doesen't sound like realy wants to be in the business.
    Do you know anyone in ak that is dealing in them?
    Thanks Bill

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    A raft/boat rental place in Anchorage (I forget the name, but there aren't many) had one or more of them to rent, last I checked.

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    I am the one that you talked with.

    The factory has had a problem with production and are working on it. I am waiting for them to send boats to me hence none to be had.

    There have been a few come up used for about $3000. each they are few and far between as well.

    I do know of one used one if you are wanting one now I would have to check to see if it has sold yet.

    Let me know if you are interested.

    Sorry that you felt I wasn't interested to be in the business I have sold more than anyone else in the world, the factory does out sell me.

    I love these little jet boats.

    I will be getting some in as soon as the tool is fixed and boats can be shipped.

    I only told you to call the factory so that your boat could be on the next container coming this way.

    If I can answer any questions or you would like to take a ride PM me.


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