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    Has anyone been out to figure eight lake lately? The reason I am asking is that I am going there tomorrow and I was wondering if you need an extension on the augar out there right now.
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    My guess would be yes, you will need the extension. I drilled two weeks ago at Shell Lake, and just barely went through without one, and it is 42" to my powerhead from the blade tip. You would not want to get all the way out there and can't get through the ice. I saw nobody on Figure 8 today, about 4 fishers at Flathorn.

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    I was on Figure 8 Lake on Dec. 13. This was an earlier excursion than I've done in the past, and it was worth it. The fishing was hot, and the fish were larger than what I typically catch in Feb/March.

    The bonus was that the ice was only about 2' thick.

    This was before snowfalls started, but after that hard November freeze. There was only about 8" of accumulated snow on the flats. Now that there is a couple feet of snow on top of the ice, maybe it isn't getting any thicker........


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