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Thread: If I don't score a draw...

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    Default If I don't score a draw...

    If I don't score a winter draw permit (not holding my breath), I'd like to fly west of Anchorage for sheep. I'm looking at an area just to the east of Black and Tan Glacier and north of Haines Glacier. I know a gentleman who up until a couple of years ago used to fly his ultralight from Wasilla over this area and look for sheep horns from winter kills. He's put a few x's on the map for me on where to go, now i just need someone to fly me over.

    With that said I'm looking for recommendations/referals for a transporter.

    Also if anyone has hunted this area any insite would be appreciated.


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    probably gonna want a small plane to take you over, tough finding super cub pilots outa anchorage, i was looking for one on floats and never did. willow air i think has a cub, they are in willow and barry at denali flying service has a maul on tundra tires, thats a great plane too. very few guys operate outa wasilla though. I know theres a guide camp in at max lake so theres sheep there...just gotta do the leg work like any other hunt.
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    I am flying with a gentleman out of Palmer who has 2 cubsbut thats only if we don't draw sheep tags. He might be filled up by now though.


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