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Thread: Mounting an outboard on sea ark predator

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    Default Mounting an outboard on sea ark predator

    Anyone mount a small out board kicker 5 horsey on there predator and how did you do it. Or ideas on how you would do it. If you have a pic that would be great too. thanks mike

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    Default Swim Platform?

    If you have a swim platform, which I believe the predators do since you also have a stomp grate. Right in the Center I mounted a kicker plate that I had made by a friend out of Aluminum and welded it right to the platform. But my experience with mine on my hewes craft Sport jet 200 was the boat was too light and the winds pushed me around. plus if I was trolling for silvers, running a Kicker from the back of the boat and trying to fish was a pain. Plus the fish have a hard time tangleing up in the jet, but if you have a kicker they seem to dart for it and cut the line. I took mine off and just trolled with the sport jet. And every now and then I would open it up to make sure it wouldnt load up. It seemed like a good idea when I first did it, but I ended up deciding not to use it. I sold the sport jet and upgraded, to a bigger boat. Life is better for trolling now.


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    thanks for the repy


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