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Thread: NPS protest Fbks

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    Default NPS protest Fbks

    On Monday, April 19, at 4 pm, people who feel strongly that the National Park Service is overstepping there bounds, will be demonstrating in front of the Park Service offices on Geist Road here in Fairbanks.

    Come on down and tell the PS to stay out of the management biz.
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    We arrived and parked in the vacant lot next door. We gathered out signs and walked out onto the bike path in front of the Park Service building.

    When they saw us demonstrating out on the bike path in front of the building, they locked all the doors. The reason we know, when we first arrived people were going in and out the front door. After about five minutes everyone had to swipe their IDs to get in the front door.

    10 minutes after we started our demonstration the State Troopers arrived. Four cars, of which two left within two or three minutes. One of the Troopers went inside the building and talked to a person inside the door. Then he came out and asked us if we were going to stay out on the bike path. We said yes, he stood and talked for about five minutes then he got into his car and both he and the other one left. When most of the Park Service Employees had left we left as well.
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