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Thread: Too many Makarov rounds

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    Default Too many Makarov rounds

    I have too many 9mm 9x18 Makarov rounds. Would like to swap for 9mm Luger rounds even if reloads. I now have two 9mm pistols, a Tokarev and a Hi Point and only one Bulgarian Makarov. Anyone interested I would like to swap even 6 boxes of Wolf Makarov for 9mm Luger. Please e-mail me at If this is not the correct place to place this comment please excuse me as this is my first post here. Thanks. I am a retired police chief who retired on disability in 1999 so money does matter. An even swap would be nice but I will dicker, as I am from Maine and we are great dickerers.

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    That'a an interesting trade you have in mind.

    You should probably post it over on the Ammo Dump Forum. You might get more takers. ???

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