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Thread: Mods on my Lowe 1960

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    Default Mods on my Lowe 1960

    I have a Lowe R1960MT, heavy duty jon boat, with a Yamaha 115 4 stroke outboard. The person I purchased if from had lots of "stuff" added that I do not need - internal gas tank, bench seats, several heavy storage compartments.

    All these add-ons make the boat very heavy inside. I live in Fairbanks during the week, and on the weekend commute to Wasilla where my family is located.

    I am wanting to lighten the boat up, add a tunnel hull (to protect from foot damage), flotation pods, windshield and canvas top, fully enclosed zippered top for winter ops. Does anyone out there know of a really good fabrication/modification shop in Fairbanks that I can get this work done?

    Thanks for your advice and help!


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    Default Here's some stuff...

    This thread contained some useful info:

    The work I saw in a friend's boat (post#8) was excellent, but the thread contained many suggestions, maybe depending on what your job requirments, priorities, etc are.

    Here's a post by a welder offering services:

    Good luck.


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