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Thread: Easiest way to get from Anc to Seward

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    Default Easiest way to get from Anc to Seward

    hey guys i will be flying into Anchorage in about a month and am working in Seward. I need some help on houw to get there. Is there a shuttle bus, train, or is taxi best? also does anyone know what time they leave so i can plan my flight around it? Thanks guys for all the help.

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    That would be a pretty spendy taxi ride.

    Bus to Seward (morning departure):

    Bus to Seward (afternoon departure):

    Train to Seward:

    Not sure of any other options.
    Hope this helps you out.

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    The bus is the best and cheapest by far. I took it when I spent a summer working in Seward. Are you working a boat?

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    I knew the taxi was going to be way too much. just wondering. yes i will be working on a boat. thanks for the links. and i will check them out and figure what time to land in Anc. any more info is appreciated.


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