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Thread: Alpine lake or backcountry stream suggestions?

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    Default Alpine lake or backcountry stream suggestions?

    I am looking for some "hike in" fishing suggestions for weekend trips this summer. I already know a few but was hoping to find a few more. Basically looking for something that is under 10 miles from the road system, that I can hike in and camp/fish on the weekends. The type of fishing isn't that important as long as there is something there willing to take a fly. Preferably within 4 hour drive from Anchorage.


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    Default Hike in Fishin'

    Red Shirt Lake and the entire Nancy Lake area is good. Lot's of little lakes all tied together with little streams and trails. Just be bear aware

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    Plenty of hike in lakes on Swanson River - Swan Lake Roads which is located in Sterling.

    Johnson Pass Trail which is on the left hand side if you are going South out of Anchorage & is just past the bathroom pullout location in Turnigan Pass is another spot worth checking out.

    Then there is a couple of my favorites by Cooper Landing which are Lower & Upper Russian Lakes. Two trails lead to Upper Russian but Lower Russian is best accessed by the campground of Russian River. You can also keep going on the trail once you reach Lower Russian that will take you to Upper but a shorter way to go is the trail down Snug Harbor Road.


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