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Thread: Rack for Jigs, Rigs

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    Default Rack for Jigs, Rigs

    Well sort of a boat mod, I used some wire shelving material and made this rack. I use it to tie up my leaders to swivels so they are the same length but I use pear split rings to connect to the weight for quick change. Got some mini bungie cords from REI to keep the rigs from swinging around and some foam pipe insulation to help too, add a knife cut to the foam for the line to rest in.
    Someones bound to not like the idea, but it keeps me pre-rigged up on the water, out of the road and un tangled, WooooHooooo
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    Nice idea....!

    Now I just need a boat w/ a bulkhead & a door............
    “Nothing worth doing is easy”

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    Do you have a picture of the result? I would be curious to see it as that could be something I would like to use here in the Midwest on the Big MO and Mississippi.

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    Default You Know

    looked thru every photo I have shows the door open which covers up the rack. But thats easy I'll take one soon. One thing I want to add is a wire that is bendable so when I sit there and make rigs I'm not using the bungie cord. Result is rigs are the same length every time.

    Double Hook---line---Swivel
    Pear split ring -- Swivel ----line------Swivel-Pear Split Ring

    I use a lot of Pear Split rings because I got a lot for free and it makes adding a dodger or changing weight out easy with out cutting line.
    Will add photo soon!

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    Default Here a go Smokin

    I have to go get the little bungie cords now, but I sat and tied up a bunch of rigs so I'm ready to go.
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