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Thread: AIH find - inexpensive 4 inch T's and Wye's for Espar Airtronic air ducting

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    Default AIH find - inexpensive 4 inch T's and Wye's for Espar Airtronic air ducting

    Was at Alaska Industrial Hardware and stumbled across inexpensive 4 inch Tees and Wyes for installing Airtronic D4 air ducting.

    They also had other 4 inch odds and ends, they're actually for wood shop sawdust collection systems.

    They're about a quarter or less of the cost of the Webasto or Espar parts. They dont have the hot air ducting though.
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    We're planning to put an Espar D4 in our boat. I've got a price on a complete kit, less any ducting. These 4" pieces you're talking about at AIH, are they for intake air? Are there any options out there for hot air ducting, or are the Espar parts the only way to go?

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    I used abs black plastic 4" pipe and fittings from the hardware store with a piece of the Espar ducting off the heater, no glue, screwed it together, it stays hard, cheap and worked great. Dan if you want to see it message me.

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    These things put out very hot air so be careful what you use on the discharge side. I talked to the vendors at the Seattle boat show a while back about changing out my reverse cycle AC with an Espar or Webasto and they said the ducting I have would not take the higher discharge temperature. I'd need to put in an insert liner into my AC ducting to be OK as my existing ducting was only good for about ~140F, not the ~180F or so put out by the diesel heaters.


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