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Thread: Band type front swivel a problem with latigo sling?

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    Default Band type front swivel a problem with latigo sling?

    Handled an interesting rifle in .375HH today, Sako's 85 Kodiak. Smooth but spendy: The rifle features a band type front swivel.

    My question: I've had good results with a latigo leather sling (, but wouldn't this type front swivel be a problem using a shooting sling because it might torque the barrel, and impede accuracy? Is a latigo shooting sling a bad idea on a rifle with a band-type front swivel? Seems like it would be, but it's a heavy ("bull") barrel. I don't know.

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    I don't think it would be a problem. I've had doubles with the sling attached just to the bottom rib which is just silver soldered and it didn't hurt them.

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    Default Practice and sight in with the sling

    I think you'll be fine as long as you practice with the sling in-place and using it as you would in the field.

    IMHO most shooting at the range should be from field positions and not from the bench. Not only does it promote good technique and form, it also gives the shooter a more realistic idea of what he/she is capable of with a given rifle or handgun under field conditions.

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