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Thread: My poor man's double.

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    Default My poor man's double.

    I have been wanting a double rifle for a long time, but just could not justify it until the children are gone. So for the last couple of years I have been looking for just the right side by side to set up.

    What I found was a Remington 1889 in 12g. The best part was is that it had fluid steel barrels and the last 4" were dented up. Then on top of it some one tried to take the dents out with heat. I only smile because it allowed me to get it cheap!

    I took it to a local gunsmith and had him trim the barrels back to 24" and install a set of flip up express sights.

    I really wanted this set up so that I could run slugs in the right barrel and #4 shot in the left for when I am hunting jack firs. I am forever bumping grouse while hunting deer and elk. Plus my shots are never more than 40 yards anyhow.

    This should give me the perfect set up for hunting in those conditions.

    When I got it back I ran a handful of slugs through it to see how it grouped. I was more than surprised. Shooting from both barrels, I got an average 4 shot groups of 2 3/4" at 50 yards. I could not ask for more than that. I have not finished sighting it in yet and need to take it out until I find max range. I am not positive that it is regulated at 50 yards but for right now I am thrilled. I am hoping to get lucky and that it might tighten up a little further out. Yeah right, like I didn't already win the lottery with it grouping like that at 50 yards.

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    "Poor man's double" Bolix!!! Any man who owns a double is richer for it!!!! Welcome to the club. Those are some outstanding groups. You'll have to post a report on your first kill. Good luck!


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    Very nice gun but be cautioned about running any of the high pressure slugs or shells through the old girl. I would try to stay under 8,000psi. Also the next time the locks come off I would apply super glue to the area the locks fit in to help stop checking of the wood.

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    Looks like yuo have found yourself a fun gun. I bet it won't be your only, just one to break the ice with sorta speak?
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    I just got back in the house from shooting Dolly. I took it out to 60 yards and shooting from both barrels, both rounds would overlap for a group of .75". This is shooting off hand. Out at 80 yards, the group opened up to 6". I need to do this over as I think I was having a hard time. My shoulder started hurting by the 20th round.

    I tried some Winchester Ranger 1 oz slugs and they just didn't group worth a darn. So far the Fiocchi 12LRSL 1 oz slugs at 1150fps is Dolly's favorite.

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    Default I don't want

    to rain on your parade, but how can it be a rifle if it is smoothbore. It looks like a nice old double shotgun with sights and will probably be a ball to use, but...

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    Quote Originally Posted by mauserboy View Post
    to rain on your parade, but how can it be a rifle if it is smoothbore. It looks like a nice old double shotgun with sights and will probably be a ball to use, but...
    That's why it is a poor man's. I realize that it is not a rifle, but it is as close as I am going to get until the kids move out of the house. The cool part, is that it shoots as good as any double that I have been around.

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    Default Double

    I am in the same boat, I would love to own a double someday. I know a guy that packs a short barrel double 12 gauge guiding for bears, I dont think his shoots as well as yours but you couldnt buy it from him when he has a bear to deal with in the thick stuff.


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