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Thread: Bullets of choice?

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    Default Bullets of choice?

    Am newly reloading for 270wsm and wondering what you guys would choose for Bullets weight, construction, etc. for hunting:

    Bull Roosevelt Elk, Blacktail Deer, Coastal Black Bear, Mt Goat, Caribou, and hopefully Wolves? Maybe even Dall Sheep?
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    Default Bullets


    I have always had very good luck with the stantard Nosler Partition for a long time. I also shoot Barnes Triple shocks (TSX) and the TTSX or tipped triple shocks. Many of my friends shoot Nosler accubonds with great results too. I think the best advice is to try a few and figure out what your specific gun digests the best. Also if cost is an issue there are other great bullets out there.

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    Default in a 270

    in a standard 270 I really like the 130 grain bullet - but I was shooting pretty far out (lopes and deer on the flats) and after a couple hundred yards the 150's had nothing over the 130's.

    A 140 grain might be the ticket - but I haven't loaded for the WSM in 270. Pending on what you are trying to kill - you can get a plethura of bullets ranging from 35 cents to almost a buck a piece.....I am sure that you will get lots of votes for Barnes TTSX...

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    Default 270 wsm

    I am having a 270 wsm built. In fact, I am still in the waiting phase of the action, barrel and stock being made. I hope that it will be able to shoot the 110 gr TTSX. I really love this bullet. In my 300 wsm I have taken moose, black bears a goat and a sheep w/ the 168gr version.
    Looking at the Barnes reloading manual, you can get 3500 fps from the 110gr. If you are looking for a longer range bullet, I would personally use this one.

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    I've shot a couple caribou with 270 WSM and 110 gr TSX.... liked em! Both were lung shots and exited. I haven't tried on sheep as I haven't drawn a tag...
    In my old 270 Win, I loaded 160 NPs for great results on large moose.


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